Special programs

Special Sales and Bonus Programs for
High Performance Driving (HPDE) Instructors

The GG-Lock added to the seatbelt already in the car equals the 80% of the driving control of a full race harness, better vehicle feedback for faster responses, less fatigue, and greater comfort.

CG-Lock has created three Programs that reward HPDE students and the people who recommend the CG-Lock to HPDE students. As you know, HPDE Driving Instructors love the CG-Lock for the much greater comfort it gives them when they ride with students. And, a CG-Lock on the studentís seatbelt allows the student to focus on the driving lesson and perform better.

We believe in giving back to the sport that we love and earn our living from. So we created three programs that help your students save money, and driving Instructors, driving schools, and car clubs obtain donations.

"No Effort" Sales Program

A qualifying HPDE Instructor, school, or track store, will be given one or more CG-Lock demo units, literature, and a personalized coupon code. At some point during an HPDE event, the Instructor provides the student with knowledge about the CG-Lock, literature, and the coupon code.

If the student orders from our web site and enters the coupon code, the student will receive a $5.00 discount per order thanks to the HPDE Instructor, school, or track store.

In addition, the HPDE Instructor, school, or track store will receive a donation of $5.00 per order that can be kept by the HPDE Instructor, applied to the purchase of radios or equipment for the car club or school, used to offset expenses, or donated to the SCCA or other Motorsports organization.

Wholesale Program

Qualifying HPDE Instructors, schools, or track stores will be permitted to buy 10 or more CG-Locks at wholesale prices and Terms (including 30 days to pay!). Typical profits are about $20.00 per student (student buys two - one for each front seat @ $75.50. Cost is $27.98 per CG-Lock or $55.96.). Profit on the sale of one CG-Lock at the MSRP of $41.95 is $13.97.

Inclusive Sales Program

Some Driving Schools are increasing their prices slightly and including a pair of CG-Locks as part of the school. Some do this as an opt-in and others as an opt-out. Since the invoice for payment of the CG-Locks is not due for 30 days, the school can order the exact number required for a class and obtain payment in full before having to pay for the CG-Locks.

To learn more, or to sign up for any of the three programs above contact Bruce Mather. Phone: 302-234-8110 | Email: bruce@cg-lock.com


If you are unfamiliar with the CG-Lock, please browse our website at www.cg-lock.com. On the homepage, select the type of driving you teach under the "Is It For You?" heading. Then use the menu at the left to see what professional drivers, students, and the car magazines have to say about the CG-Lock. Read about the CG-Lock crash tests and the SCCA Statement permitting CG-Lock use in certain street car competitions.