Why do I need a CG-Lock?

Dour Heir

"Since I was 18, I always felt like I was driving on ice and had limited control of my car. Even just riding was a pain. Now, with the CG-Lock, I have control, feel safer and more comfortable. I don't fall over anymore."
—Doug Heir, Esq.

Doug Heir is an Attorney, Past President National Spinal Cord Injury Association, 67 time National Champion, a 32 time Olympic, Paralympic, & World Champion, Winner Of More Gold Medals Than Any Man On Earth, motivational speaker, & author.

ADA Award

CG-Lock Wins ADA New Tech Award!

Lap Belt Cinch, Inc., manufacturer of the CG-Lock, would like to thank the Adaptive Driving Alliance for selecting the CG-Lock as a 2008 Finalist for the New Technology Award

Learn more: www.adamobility.com