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Consumer Reactions (.pdf)
"I had not been able to drive a car for over 3 years due to having an unstable upper body in a moving vehicle...but as soon as my hips were secured, I was able to drive again, liberating me from 3 years of no driving! I am sure this little device will help lots of people like myself".
Roger — bi-lateral above knee amputee
"After trying a seat belt fixing (of the CG-Lock) it made me realise how many times I can become unbalanced while driving everyday. At first it felt peculiar to have the seat belt tighter around my seat but once I started driving it was not noticeable, I found it easier than usual to make turns because I felt comfortable in my seat and did not need to worry about my legs or hips twisting".
"A breakthrough product called the CG-Lock has just been developed that greatly increases your stability and control whilst in your car seat."
Disability Product News
"It really does help with getting stable in the car…and from stability comes confidence. We are still testing the CG-Lock to get a better idea of which kind of disability will gain the most benefit from the CG-Lock, but the results so far are very encouraging. For individuals with certain types of disabilities, the CG-Lock can make a huge difference".

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