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Special programs

The CG-Lock provides about 80% of the holding power of a harness without restricting upper body movement.
The CG-Lock gives you about 80% of the holding power of a full race harness.
Why do people use a harness?

You don't need to "hang on" when driving can keep your feet light on the pedals and your hands light on the wheel for better driving control, faster reactions, and less fatigue - no matter what angle you are at..
You are "one with the vehicle" can sense the vehicle movement better, react sooner, and "feel" your way through the tricky spots more easily.
Your safety is increased.
Unfortunately, most of us do our off roading in our daily drivers with standard three-point automotive seat belts, not harnesses. Once the CG-Lock is installed, you pull up on the shoulder harness of your seat belt, and the lap belt portion gets "racing harness tight" and stays as tight as you want until you release it!
And,you can turn your body to face the direction of travel - not just where the car's nose is pointing!

"The CG-Lock is the lowest cost performance part you can put on your car"
"The only cheaper way to increase performance is to shed weight"
Improves the performance of the DRIVER, not the car!
Tightly help hips provide the first two of the three benefits of a full harness as described above. As for the 3rd benefit-increased safety- the CG-Lock is not sold as a safety device, but it has been designed and fully tested to not interfere with a seat belt's safety.
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