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Douglas W. Keith

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice & Track Master, Division of Public Safety. Doug is the Track Master and lead driving instructor for the East Tennessee Regional Law Enforcement Academy. He is certified by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and American Automobile Association to teach law enforcement officers and civilians. Some of Doug’s comments were:

The CG-Lock is a great product which lives up to your claims. My driving instructors were very impressed. This simple device absolutely "locks you in" and ensures proper driving position in all maneuvers.
It is particularly beneficial in our Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT) training. We installed one in the suspect vehicle which gets spun out dozens of times over the course of a day - the CG-Lock keeps the driver in place.
We installed it in 2 of our cars which are used for Advanced Tactical driver training such as "J-turns" and "bootlegs" – here again, it keeps the driver behind the wheel.
I found, after a day of driving the suspect vehicle during pursuit exercises, I was far less fatigued - it's the next best thing to having a racing seat and/or a 3-point harness.
Thanks for the trail models and we'll be ordering more in the near future.
I do not believe belt-mounted equipment was an issue in our training. Our recruits are required to wear the gun/utility belt during training. I never heard anyone make any negative comments about the CG-Lock nor did I observe any problems.
(As a matter of fact, I only had one driver ask me how to use the CG-Lock; the others figured it out in a couple of seconds). It only makes sense that, if you have a properly positioned "tight lap-belt, you are better off.
Yes, you can quote me.

Brian Frazer

EVOC Coordinator; Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Training Center

With your product [the CG-Lock], we have found it to keep us firmly in the seat almost as well as a [multi-point] racing harness. It has given us nearly the same control.
We don't do "timed laps", but the instructors have enjoyed using the CG locks in what we call our "Rabbit Car". This is the car we use as the suspect vehicle in our pursuit course.
We have two cars, which had not yet been outfitted with the racing harnesses, so I installed the CG-lock and so far the instructors have been very happy with them.

Report from VIA Testing Laboratories

(DOT NHTSA Certified); Brighton, Michigan

The CG-Lock was tested in accordance with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 208 guidelines. The CG-Lock was shown to cause no adverse effects to the safety properties of factory installed 3-point seat belt systems.

UK Driver; name withheld

Did the CG-Lock save my life? .. Without any doubt, the lock was one of the things which saved me that day ... The roof of the car was cut through when the car slid upside down along the back of a crash barrier. The metal posts which cut the roof in half (including through the steering wheel, and top of dashboard) - also struck my head .. but only by perhaps 1mm. The only reason it 'just' hit me, was because my backside was firmly held to the seat (whilst upside down AND under impact) due to the [CG-Lock] locked belt. Without the device, my body would have been higher in the seat, ... I suspect another 1mm would have been enough to go from 'fractured skull, and bleeding on brain' to 'top of head missing - dead'. It sounds melodramatic - but I'm now pretty realistic. I was bloody lucky.

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